Snack with a Purpose.

Charlie Ruehr

SuperEats' Co-Founder

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Avid Skiier and Soccer Player, Dog Lover, Manhattenite.

Pet Dog: Chester the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Favorite Product: Chipotle BBQ Protein Puffs.


Aaron Gailmor

SuperEats' Co-Founder

Hometown: Lake Elmore, Vermont.

Lifelong soccer player, nutrition & cooking hobbyist, aspiring guitarist, New Orleanian.

Pet Dog: Bentley the French Bulldog

Favorite Product: Truffle Rosemary Protein Puffs


Our brief history:

Late 2009: Aaron & Charlie become pals in New York City. Our personalities mesh well and we attribute this to similar upbringings, with Aaron being from the Northeast and Charlie the Midwest.

Fall 2010: Aaron's interest in healthy eating piques after his Father has a close call with Heart Disease. Charlie realizes that his life and that of his peers can be changed through healthier eating as his New York work-life puts diet into focus.

Spring 2013: Aaron & Charlie come together in a top secret meeting to discuss plans for a new kale-based chip. Kitchen sessions until the wee hours of the morning, focus groups, brainstorming, and endless dreams about kale ensue.

Spring 2014: Our first SuperEats recipe is complete. We launch Kale & Chia Chips and start driving around to New York City natural food stores and bodegas selling bags out of Charlie's car (and Citibikes). Eventually, we achieve national distribution through natural food distributors UNFI and KeHE.

Yours in healthy snacking,

Aaron and Charlie

The SuperEats Team at Expo West

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