4 Ways to BYO Lunch in Style

Here at SuperEats we’re all about filling our plates without emptying our wallets. What better way to ensure a delicious, wholesome, and affordable lunch than by bringing your own? It can be hard to break free from those visions of bland sandwiches and dry granola bars, so let these 4 portable products inspire a lunch that’s a lot more creative (and cute)! 


If you’re a juice or smoothie addict, but hate forking over the $10 for something you plan to consume through a straw, then a portable blender is going to be your new best friend. You can keep the base in your desk drawer and fill the cup up with a personal serving of frozen fruits and veggies from home. When you’re ready for a blended blast of energy, just pop the cup on the base. I’ve been using my smoothie maker to battle the afternoon office crash by opting for a caffeinated banana, coconut milk, sun butter, and cocoa smoothie. It’s like a sippable vacation!

Everything in Its Place

One of the worst things about bringing lunch is encountering unexpected turbulence on your commute. Whether you take the subway, ride a bike, or find yourself navigating crater sized potholes, packing a multi-course lunch in one container just won’t do. You need something that keeps the chia pudding separate from the tuna salad. Enter the bento box. These things actually date back to 5th century Japan, but more modern versions are cute, functional, insulated, and built to handle technologically advanced devices (like the dishwasher and microwave). With one of these containers by your side, you won’t have any food mixing faux pas, and the munch-packing possibilities are endless. Follow @kbqsurfs for beautiful bento-full inspiration!

International Flavor

Some of the best ideas are borrowed from other parts of the world – ikat prints, acai berries, Jamaican bobsledding - and that theory definitely applies to bringing lunch. When I first saw Tiffins in Thailand a few years ago, I was drawn to their vintage charm. In recent months, they have started to make their way into Hipster lunchboxes across the US. Tiffins are individual, stackable, compartments made of steel or enamel that are held together by a metal handle. There are modern versions out there, but my favorites are the colorfully painted vintage ones that I have been seeing in flea markets and antique shops. Tiffins are perfect if you bring a variety of items or dishes to work each day. They keep everything completely contained and separate so that you can consume one dish at a time or however you like!

Keep It Tidy

Picture this: you’re sitting in your office lunch room savoring a crunchy bag of SuperEats, and when you reach to wash it down with a gulp of water you accidentally brush the bag with your elbow, resulting in Kale + Chia crumbs scattered all over the grody, grungy table and floor. Further, you have deduced in your scientific opinion that, by the looks of the dried up frosting from last month’s office birthday ‘celebration,’ not even the 5 Second Rule can save you now. Good news! There’s a bag for that! This insulated and durable lunch bag doubles as a zip out placemat to prevent tragic messes and germy contamination. They’re also perfect for those super productive Friday afternoons when you just need a clean surface to sort your snack machine impulse buy Skittles by color… 

What are some of your favorite tools and tricks for packing BYO lunchtime concoctions? Fill us in in the comments below.

September 17, 2015 by Lauren Siegel
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