Super Food Spotlight: Sacha Inchi

Making a splash in South America and certain circles around the world is a small nut-like seed known as Sacha Inchi.


It's benefits are not exactly a new discovery. Perhaps it should be referred to a "re-discovery". The Incans cultivated and cherished this seed thousands of years ago. In Quechua,  Sacha Inchi loosely translates to "False Peanut." It has a definitively nutty taste, but unlike the peanut, almost nobody in the world has an allergy to Sacha Inchi.


Sacha Inchi is native to the South American Amazon and has been continuously grown in Peru since the ancient Incans. Recently, Colombia, Bolivia and Thailand have also started cultivating Sacha Inchi in large numbers. So why have all these countries started growing Sacha Inchi? Why has Dr. Oz called it "the healthiest snack in the world?"


Sacha Inchi's tasty fat content contains:
48.60% of Omega fatty acids 3
36.80% of Omega fatty acids 6
8.28% of Omega fatty acids 9
Saturated fatty acids, 6.39%


It's generally a more economical source of these healthy fats than salmon. Additionally, this little seed is packed with 9g of protein per serving. But the main (and most overlooked) reason that this snack is so healthy, is because its so tasty. Tasty snacks are easy to eat and easy to substitute for your junk food. A food is only healthy if you actually consume it.


Many people use the fat from the seed exclusively. In June 2007, Sacha Inchi oil won the Médaille d'or (Gold Medal) at the AVPA Specialty Foods Commodities competition for its incredible taste and nutrition properties.


Whether you buy the oil, the entire seed, or some other form - look for ways to incorporate Sacha Inchi into your diet!

July 29, 2015 by Aaron Gailmor
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