Wedding Weekends: Keep Your Digestive Tract from Getting out of Whack.

Wedding Season is here and if you're like us, you have many friends and family members taking that step down the aisle this Summer. 

Before you start practicing your funky chicken reception dance routine, it's important to remember that sometimes too much blissful celebration can do a number on your waistline if you aren't careful.

Don't worry, we've got you covered on how to keep your body and health in check when celebrating these BIG days.

Many people work out and follow a special diet to 'look good,' which is great, because we all want to look our best. One wedding weekend probably won't change the way you look, but it can certainly make you feel awful for a week to come. The challenge lies in between the congratulatory champagne toasts and circulating appetizers - and we've only just made it to the Cocktail Hour before the Rehearsal Dinner! 

The first key is to stay hydrated. No, that doesn't mean grabbing another drink from the open bar. Start replenishing your body's supply with water because you know the drinks and beer will be flowing like wine. Start drinking water during the morning and try to have a glass of water with every drink throughout the night. It will not only help your hangover, it will reduce over indulging on food as well.

Another reason our bodies get out of whack at weddings is that our schedules are off, especially our digestive tract. Overconsumption is key here and even though we want to be polite, that doesn't mean scarfing down everything they put on your plate.

If you can find time to go the gym or a walk outside over the weekend - do it! Even though it feels like you want to sleep in, fitness professionals would agree that it's important to stay on your game and get your body moving. At a very minimum - hit the dance floor!

Lots of rich food at the reception buffet? Look for some fresh veggies or opt for something grilled or broiled. By giving the buffet a gut check on what you really want versus what's going to make you bloated and tired later, this decision will make you a super star out on the dance floor. Trust me. 

Now it's time for the wedding cake and more toasts - rehydrate with some water and fresh lemon. Everyone loves cake, right? Go ahead - indulge and have a slice, but remember mixing sugary desserts and champagne can sometimes lead to a not-so-great feeling later. Don't say we didn't warn ya! 


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June 22, 2015 by Heather Collins
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