The Best Kept Secret of a Workout Routine

If you’ve exercised in a gym recently, you have undoubtedly seen the long, black, cylindrical tubes that look like hollowed out battering-rams or rubber PVC pipes with handles. Most likely, however, you’ve seen very few people use them. These tools are part of the ViPR™ ("Vitality, performance and reconditioning") workout created by Michol Dalcourt. The SuperEats team gave these bad boys a shot and absolutely loved them.

Why is ViPR different (and AWESOME)?

What piqued SuperEats' interest in ViPR is that its roots are in farming. While training young hockey players, Dalcourt noticed that his players weren't as strong as the farm kids, who never stepped foot in a gym, but trained effectively and naturally through throwing hay bails, milking cows, repairing equipment and doing other chores throughout the day. Farm chores require motion in all three planes, never isolating one muscle group but incorporating multiple tissues and joints for which purpose the body was naturally designed. This realization by Dalcoourt meant that the limitations of machines extend to humans, turning people into robots at the gym where range of motion is held back, and inspired the "farmfit" hashtag.

Now, ViPR is being used in training for every major sport, from NFL football teams to the Olympics, as well as in Tactical Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighting training.

If it's so super-cool, why is ViPR underutilized?

Primarily because its relatively new in the exercise universe and requires a little bit of research or youtube watching to understand the MANY ways you can use the tools. They equipment is so versatile and limitless that it's a bit intimidating at first. But, giving them a try is worth it.

SAVE TIME. Kill two birds (cardio AND resistance) with one long, rubber tube. 

According to Dalcourt, ViPR "bridges the gap between strength training and movement training". The exercises allow for both a cardio and strength exercise regimen, while also addressing balance and agility. We like to do several exercises consecutively, similar to high frequency training, to get a real sweat on. Exercises can start very simple but can add several progressions - different movements and angles that extend the list of muscles in the workout. You can even combine ViPR and Yoga:

To get you started, here are some exercises from the company's site:

SAVE MONEY. You can ViPR anywhere. Seriously.

Want to drop that gym membership? You can buy your own set of ViPR equipment for as low as $150-200. You need all of 25-40 square feet of space for the exercises. Living room, basement, beach, park, rooftop, etc. This requires some self-motivation, but if you make a habit out of going to the park every morning with a ViPR tool, it can become a super-healthy, calorie-burning part of your daily routine.

In case you're wondering, ViPR and SuperEats have NO existing relationship. ViPR has not incentivized us to write this article in any way.


June 11, 2015 by Aaron Gailmor
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