How Do you Eat Your SuperEats?

We have been doing a lot of product sampling throughout New York City the past couple of weeks with fantastic reception. Nobody has seen a kale chip quite like ours - its delicious, its a triangle, it has the texture of a tortilla chip, and its crispy.

So what did the people say? Ranch and Chili Lime are neck and neck for the top flavor. If you like spicy, you will like Chili Lime. If you don't like spicy, well, you know. We also discovered that people love to dip tortilla-like chips! And now you can dip kale chips - we tested salsa, hummus and guacamole. It seems guacamole was the favorite with SuperEats. Try all 3!


SuperEats are great transition to healthy snacking if you are a potato chip eater. What about if you already buy kale chips? You're going to like ours better. And your going to like dipping them. And you're going to like our price point.

April 10, 2014 by Charlie Ruehr
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