Why Eat Non-GMO

Most people have heard the term "Non-GMO" at this point, but not everyone know what is means or why they should care. Foods, such as SuperEats, that are certified Non-GMO don't contain any "Genetically Modified Organisms". Most people react to this with some form of disbelief - wait, I have been eating Genetically Modified Organisms??? That doesn't sound good.


Yes you have been eating them, and no it's not good. When it comes to processed foods - cereals, snacks, etc. - almost all of them contain Genetically Modified Organisms. Pretty much only the ones that clearly state "Non-GMO" don't include them.  GMOs were created for all sorts of reasons - as preservatives, flavors, change colors, change textures, manipulate cooking properties, etc. You probably haven't gotten sick from GMOs yet, and you won't in the short term. The concerns with GMO are to your long-term health. You are eating ingredients that have been modified by humans in a laboratory. Nobody knows how our bodies are going to react.


Many people believe that the growing rate of cancers and allergies in our country are a direct result of GMOs. There have been numerous studies done on rats and other animals where they have developed tumors or even died from eating GMO diets. A verdict has still not been reached on the effect on humans - but other countries aren't taking the risk. Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, France, Ireland, Switzerland are just a handful of examples of countries that have either banned Non-GMO crops or passed strict labeling laws.


Join the Non-GMO movement in the U.S. Be careful what you put in your body.  We have provided you a great snack to get you started!

February 05, 2014 by Charlie Ruehr
Tags: Health
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